Curd Rally Starts Tomorrow!

The rally starts tomorrow. We’re all very busy in Ottawa trying to get set up and organized so that the rally runs smoothly once everyone starts arriving at the campground tomorrow afternoon.

We are still working hard to make this the best rally ever as well.

Barnstormer Studio has come on board as a sponsor this week and they’ve donated some prizes to the raffle.

We also have¬†Andrew Alexander coming out on Saturday night to take some photos of the rally. We have a great group ride planned this year, and the weather is going to be perfect so there’s no doubt that everyone will be smiling on Saturday night.


BBQ Saturday Night.

A new sponsor this year is going to turn our Saturday night barbecue into a pretty cool event. They have volunteered to provide the grill. It’s a 1951 Chevrolet Maple Leaf fire truck complete with a 230 ci inline 6 cylinder engine, a 3 speed transmission and an 8 burner grill!


Thanks Gal Power. I think we’re all looking forward to seeing this in person and parking a few scooters beside it to get some great photos.