Reassembly starts for real.

The reassembly has begun for real and with Adam’s help, Corey has started knocking of the items on the assembly checklist.

First the bearing tracks, and protection covers were fit onto the fork tube, along with the chrome headset support ring.
Step 1

Then the stand was fitted to the frame.
Step 2 Step 2B

and the cables and wiring loom were positioned loosely and secured with a little masking tape to keep them in place while the work continues.
Step 3

Step 4

Step 4B

Parts: Got it, need it, need it, got it.

Lambretta Ser 3 li 150 parts needed:

Stand frame strengtheners (Flat bar for Stand Bolts)
Carb slide 5914-2
Front hub seals X2
Speedo drive seal
Handle grips Grey
Rear brake switch Li 3 AC two wires
Air bellow Ser 3 Li SH 18 carb
Seat covers (Front and back Singles in Black)
Fork Link Plastic bushes X2
Fastener Kit Stainless
Speedo Cable Complete (Thin type end for early Ser 3 Italian Speedo)

Parts Scooter Fix may have buried in Rubbermaid buckets:

Speedo cable inner (thin type early Italian speedo) and housing end complete
Braided ground wire for engine
Exhaust u bend Li3
Rear hub
Kick start rubber
ONE Outside seat spring (Single Seat frame)
Wiring harness Li3 AC harness.
Side panel beading
Leg Shield Bead
Head light rim
Back reflector Glass for Headlight (Must fit junction)
Fast Flow Fuel tap
Rear frame badge
Ht wire lead and cap
Panel badges “Lambretta” 2
Top fork steering bearings


Parts On Hand From Scooter Fix and others:

Complete grey cable set (Scooter Fix!)
Headlight glass (Scooter Fix!)
Gas tank rubbers (Scooter Fix!)
Gas tank filter (Scooter Fix!)
Complete engine gasket set (Scooter Fix!)
Complete engine oils seals kit (Scooter Fix!)
Carb gasket / seal kit (Bowl rubber, banjo gasket, banjo screw gasket) (Scooter Fix!)
Black stand feet and roller pins (Scooter Fix!)
Fork buffers and fasteners (Scooter Fix!)
Stand spring (Scooter Fix!)
Fuel tap lever (Scooter Fix!)
Panel handle on kick start side (Scooter Fix!)
Keys (Scooter Fix!)
Single floor end cap / no support underneath (Scooter Fix!)
Set of used rims (Hub-Speed Aaron Hecker)
Floor rubber kit (No channels or end caps (Scooters Originali?)


To do:

Re-wire headlight Switch. (Ship to On the Lam Mike Anhalt)
Re magnetize Flywheel (Scooters Originali)
Have all bare ali parts polished (Joe Amendola or Keef at Mafair Plating)
Blast clean and repaint wheel rims
Paint: floor boards, cylinder shroud, fly cowl
Dismantle, clean, inspect and rebuild front hub
Remove horn cast screws X 4