Fork and hub assembly

Having recently rebuilt my own fork in Corey’s garage, I can assure you that he has been getting a lot of practice in this area. With the springs installed, Adam and Corey started working on the fork links.

Step 13A Step 13B Step 13C

Then the front hub was assembled.
Step 13EStep 13FStep 13D

And the whole thing went back on the frame.
Step 13GStep 13H

Glove box and fuel tank installed

The effort to turn the pile of parts back into a Lambretta continued. The buffers and the glove box door were fitted to the bike.

Step 9A Step 9B

New rubber was put on the glove box and it was installed in the frame.
Step 10BStep 10C

The fuel tank was reattached to the frame.
Step 11Step 11B

Reassembly starts for real.

The reassembly has begun for real and with Adam’s help, Corey has started knocking of the items on the assembly checklist.

First the bearing tracks, and protection covers were fit onto the fork tube, along with the chrome headset support ring.
Step 1

Then the stand was fitted to the frame.
Step 2 Step 2B

and the cables and wiring loom were positioned loosely and secured with a little masking tape to keep them in place while the work continues.
Step 3

Step 4

Step 4B