Rally Registration – Do it now!

We really want you to come to the Curd Rally. You may have noticed already.

Preregistration for the rally is on from now until July 31. If you register now, you get free patch and you get 5 free raffle tickets. The patch is beautiful, but trust me, you WANT the raffle tickets. The prizes in our raffle are always great, but this year the raffle is bigger than ever and we’re raffling off an Series 3 li 150. Corey’s been busy getting the bike raffle and road worthy and you can look through this blog to see a lot of pictures of the work that’s gone into it.

If you don’t register before the end of July, you’ll be able to register on site, but we’d love to know that you’re coming either way. 



ps – I didn’t mean it. Don’t register now, and don’t by raffle tickets. I want to win the bike myself. 🙂