Giving away a scooter is a lot work

The raffle scooter was stripped down to the frame last fall. The frame bracket that holds the stand had completely broken off the main tube. Corey and Joe took advantage of some nice weather to get a welder out. The bike is looking sturdy and ready for some new parts now. Can’t wait to see what Corey has planned for this thing!

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Broken Stand Bracket

Prepping the work

Joe Welding the Frame

Good as new

Curd Raffle Prize: 1964 Lambretta Li 150

The raffle at The Curd Rally is always popular. The prizes are spread out early on Saturday and participants are allowed plenty of time to look over them and make emergency ATM runs so that they can buy more tickets. In 2014, the raffle is going be even bigger! This year we’re raffling off a 1964 Li 150.

Corey has been the owner of this bike since 2011 and while it’s currently showing some age, a talented team of volunteers has been assembled and work is underway to restore its glory.

We intend on blogging the restoration progress here. It might be a little slow until the weather (or Corey’s garage) warms up, but in the mean time we’ll be collecting the parts we need so check in and see how we’re doing.

This is what we’re starting with.