Filing the exhaust flange

Corey deserves a ton of credit for the work that he has done on the raffle bike (and for providing the bike!), but there have been a lot of other hands on the bike this year as well.

This is Shawn. He’s filing the exhaust flange to make sure that it’s flat and fits well with the cylinder.

Shawn is going to be welcoming people at the rally next weekend, taking care of registration, collecting waivers, and distributing raffle tickets to those of you who took advantage of the early bird registration. Be sure to say hello when you get in on Friday.  He’ll be one of the volunteers wearing a bright orange t-shirt.

Shawn is also an excellent juggler. If you see him lighting things on fire, don’t panic, he knows what he’s doing (but maybe stand back a few feet).

File Exhaust flange Exhaust Flange FIled

cold winter in Ottawa

IMG_20140124_183904This winter has brought the coldest temperatures that Ottawa has seen in many years. While that has given us plenty of time to work on this website, it hasn’t been as kind to us when it comes to working on the project bike. Right now it’s buried in Corey’s garage trying to stay warm.
Hopefully the weather will start to cooperate over the next month or two and we’ll be able to start providing some more interesting updates to this blog. In the mean time, we’re starting to pull together our shopping list and organize our volunteers. If you’re in town and want to volunteer some time or parts, let us know.